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  • The Pen Effect Journals were created for Women & Teen Girls With A Pen

    Each journal in the series is a unique voyage—a canvas where your thoughts, stories, and faith intersect. Regardless of your life's chapter, whether you're a young seeker or a wise matriarch, an adventurer or a contemplative soul, these pages welcome you to pour out your heart, weave your tales, and connect with a tapestry of voices from around the world.

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  • Hot Cakes With Honie - Caking With A Twist

    Come Party with Me or Book Your Own Party at Your Location! Round up Your Crew For Fun! I'll go Step by Step decorating my Cake and You'll do your thing creating your own custom cake design and you take it home with you.

    Let's Party With Honie 
  • Glamm By Bee

    Our GlammRUS products are a collection of high-quality beauty and skincare items designed to enhance and elevate your natural beauty. Each product is carefully curated to provide a luxurious and effective experience, catering to individuals who value both glamour and self-care.

    Bee Glammourus